The Porshia’s

So how did this come about cause we get this question a lot.

And yes we have the same name and it’s spelled the same way!

My girlfriend and I have been best friends for YEARS before we even thought about a relationship or dating for that matter…. after going through a situationship that I definitely shouldn’t have been in, I decided that what ever else the universe had to offer me I would just go with the flow. I won’t go into all the explicit details but I’ll give enough… lol

So I think she had a crush on me for the longest throughout our friendship, but I was very adamant about protecting the friendship that I never thought to pursue her or a relationship. She’s always been a genuine soul, I’ve spent several nights on her couch watching the golden girls or we would go out and be each others wing man. We’ve seen each other go through some bad situations with significant others. Kinda like we were both tired of falling short in the love department.

I’ve always had genuine love for my best friend and could talk to her about anything, so communication was solid. I remember making a request on her birthday is where gears started to shift. I had officially let one situation go and was kind of ready to open up, but never thought it would be with my best friend!

Two weeks later she’s supposed to go on a road trip to Orlando with someone and plans changed. I told her if she didn’t want to cancel her trip I would book a ticket and meet her down there. So boom a mini get a way kicked off a great relationship.

We kept our rendezvous very low key when we returned. None of our friends knew until one day we got caught outside kissing. Oh boy, our cover was blown and the rest of our friends found out. The whole night everyone was celebrating our new level of our friendship, cause at this point we were just testing the waters.

After a couple dates and weeks we decided to become exclusive. I can honestly say I see why people say build the foundation of being friends first cause it makes the partnership 10 times stronger. The fact we took our time and didn’t rush things, communicate, and trust allows us to still have fun like friends and love like soul mates.

Our first date

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