Visiting LA for 4/20/2018

A fellow bartender and I were talking about visiting Cali for 4/20 to enjoy the culture and legally partake in the smokers festivities. This got my gears turning! I immediately opened my delta app to find the best flights to accommodate having to work the morning of departure and leave the day before I had to work. I needed this trip to be cheap but due to looking for flights the day before departure was no where near cheap. I spent too much money on a last minute delta comfort ticket but only because of my loyalty to the airline! I decided to stay in a hostel vs a hotel since I was going to be out all day anyways.

I ended up booking USA Hollywood hostel which was pretty dope by the way! They were able to accommodate my very late check in, provided sheets, blankets and towels for my stay. I stayed in a 6 person room that had 3 sets of bunk beds. I took a lyft from the airport to the location and immediately notice I was staying across the street from the Youth LGBT community center! ♥️ I was in Hollywood honey!

The next morning I made sure everyone knew I was in Cali and to link up! I woke up at 7am PST, showered and layered my clothes for the day. I had my swimsuit on under my walking clothes since I planned on going to the beach. I packed all my essentials in my backpack including water bottle, sunscreen, beach towel, and wallet. I locked my luggage in a locker using a lock that I purchased from the from desk. I walked around Hollywood for about 3 miles then called a lyft to get me to the closest point to get to the Hollywood sign. I was on a mission to check off things in my mental list. By 11 am my cousin hit me up and sending me his address to come hang with him. He lived in the jewelry district in downtown LA. So I hiked back down til I receive cell service and called another lyft to meet him.

On my ride from Hollywood to Downtown LA I had a cool lyft driver! We saw an older Latin lady who we both agreed to allow her to ride to the bottom of the mountain and link back with her family. It was too hot for her to be hiking a lone and she appreciated our kind gesture. After dropping her off we made our way into the city. LET ME SAY THIS: Cali traffic and drivers do not compare to Atl! lmao. The gas was very expensive. After talking with my driver I concluded to live in LA you have to have a roommate and some hustle!

Made it to my cousin’s place and met his girlfriend now fiancé and his welcoming roommate. Their penthouse featured a street art style skull as soon as you walked in. We chatted and decided we would visit his girlfriend’s job for food and drinks and take public transportation to Santa Monica pier and Venice beach.

Leaving my cousins apartment we walked to the CVS so I could get cash for my purchases since I wasn’t sure I could use my card in a dispensary. I don’t know about y’all but I’m GA they only sell liquor in a “package” store or liquor store, so seeing spirits sold a pharmacy was mind blowing! But the topper was walking out the CVS and seeing a dispensary! It was like the universe knew what I wanted! So I walked into MedMen which was sooooo advanced in how they displayed their products. They had flowers on display in plastic canisters where you can smell and examine. They had pre-rolled and edibles and everything else under the sun that involves cannabis! I purchased a few items and a pre-rolled joint, everything with the indica strain. Also found out they accept card transactions!

We left the dispensary and walked to the brewery / restaurant that his girlfriend worked at. Karl Strauss has the nicest atmosphere for a restaurant with a brewery. Tried a few beers and small plates but hands down their hummus was to die for! From presentation and plating to portions and flavor.

After eating we walked to the metro station to catch the train to Santa Monica pier. On the train ride we had to transfer. Metro system is definitely a little more advanced than the Atlanta MARTA! The views were gorgeous while looking at the ocean and catching the sunset. There are people on the boardwalk selling churros and street corn! I wanted to try everything! After getting some photos and enjoying the scene we got back to the very pack train where we were met with police checking transit cards because it was really easy to jump the gates! They used their iPhones to do this, pretty interesting cause I’ve never seen MARTA Police do this.

We ended up meeting his girlfriend at some bar and having a few drinks and then head back to their place where we stopped at the taco truck right outside his building. Took our food to the roof top to enjoy views and enjoy some of the herb from the dispensary. Beautiful views and good vibes. I ended up catching a lyft back to my hostel late that night, showered and went to bed.

The next day I ended up linking with another relative who just happened to be in Cali as her wife’s birthday trip. I hung out with them for a few and we went to Roscoes Chicken and Waffles. The food was definitely good, wait wasn’t long and decently priced. Afterwards I caught another lyft for the airport to head home.

I really enjoyed this trip even though I never got to link up with my homie, it was a solo trip to remember. My friends and mom were super nervous about me going alone but they also knew how fearless and adventurous I am so it was best to just be supportive! But I checked in often so they would know I was ok!

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