Wynwood: Miami’s Art District

Art comes in all forms and mediums, whether its print, abstract, sculpture, street art, etc. My favorite form of art happens to be street art; the skill of using spray paint to create a picture or message. Wynwood is an area in Miami that is dedicated to street art, where everything is a canvas! If you visit the wynwood walls you will see all styles of street art as well as some galleries that display other art forms.

I recently visited Wynwood for the second time in December the week after Art Basel. Art Basel is an event where artists can display and sell their art. I noticed that some of the murals inside the Wynwood walls corridor had been changed for Art Basel.

Being back in this very dope and hip scene, I felt like a kid in a candy store. Not only is there great art but there are some cool bars, store fronts, boutiques, breweries, and eateries. Check out the gallery below.

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