Tips For Visiting Las Vegas

Planning a trip to Las Vegas??? Dont know what to do when you get there? Where are you staying, What airline are you using?

Theres so much to do in Las Vegas and its a city that caters to everyone’s budget.

This post is a list of things we did and how we did it.

  1. How did I book my trip?Delta Vactions: I am a Skymiler, my loyalty is with Delta Air Lines (when my pockets allow me to, lol). Delta vactions allows you to book with a deposit, depending how far out you book your trip, it also has to be a bundled reservation, like flight and hotel (you may also book transportation, airport transfers, or excursions). We bought Comfort+ seats (11A&C) for the extra leg room, free drinks, better snacks, and priority boarding.
    • There are other sites to use when looking to book your trip like: Hopper, which will tell you the cheapest time to book or when you should book or wait. Skyscanner will also tell you the cheapest time to book but since these sites are third party site they will normally give you basic economy seats with restrictions. I highly suggest using those sites for reference and book directly with the airline, but thats my preference. But remember to clear your cache before doing a search each time.
  2. Where did we stay?Vdara Spa & Hotel. They are an MGM property right next door to the Aria. When I say they are right next door they share the same parking lots, valet loops, etc. I also suggest signing up for Mlife rewards and MyVegas Slots to earn rewards for MGM.
    • We originally booked a Studio Suite but upon check-in, I slid a $20 tip across the desk and asked about any complimentary uprades. We ended up in a fountain view room which we were able to see the Bellagio Fountains (another MGM property). There is a $39.00 +tax daily resort fee and a $100 a day deposit. The deposit is taken up front and the resort fee is charged upon departure and can be deducted from the deposit if you chose. You can also opt to check out from the app and get a copy of your folio. Again make sure you sign up for Mlife to receive incentives for your stay as well as your purchases on property and gambling at MGM properties.
    • You may want to stay at a Caesars Property and thats totally fine pick a place that suits your interests, we chose the Vdara because we knew it would be a tranquil and quiet place to rest due to its spa theme, as well as there were no smokey casinos in the hotel so it ws fresh air everywhere in the building.
  3. What types of transportation did you take?Lyft, I’ve rented a car before but if youre not driving out of the city or renting an Air BnB off strip, its pointless to rent a car in Las Vegas.
  4. Where did you eat while in Vegas?Hot N Juicy Crawfish: 3663 S Las Vegas Blvd #590, on the stripnext to Nacho Daddy and Buffalo Wild WingsUNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_87b9.jpg
    • Street Tacos: Freemont Street
    • UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_8749.jpg
    • Gritz Cafe: 1911 Stella Lake Drive Las Vegas, NV 89106, Black Owned Southern Restaurant
    • +lg2MtB5SsSFo%jFI7OhQw_thumb_8766.jpgUNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_87f3.jpg
    • Aria Patisserie: inside of the Aria
    • Paradise Buffet at Freemont Casino: Freemont Street
    • Buffet at Aria
    • Buffalo Wild Wings: at Miracle Mile Shops
    • Papa Johns: delivered to room
    • Beer Park by Budwiser: located in front of the Paris HotelWhere did you go?Planet 13 Superstore Dispensary
    • Freemont Street
    • The Pool at The Aria
    • The Pool at Vdara
    • Dispensary tour: Blackjack Collective, Releaf Dispensary, and Acres Underground
    • Container Park: Downtown Las Vegas/Arts District
    • Bellagio Conservatory
    • Linq Promanade
    • Drai’s Beachclub: Ty Dolla $ign Pool party
    • Henessy’s Bar
    • Crystal Shops
    • The Strip
  5. Any other tips?If you plan on partying: sign up for a guest list and arrive early and adhere to the dresscodes or you will not be granted entry, and make note of the guy-to-girl ratio in your group.
    • If you’re on a budget stay on Freemont Street for cheaper food and bars, also hotels tend to be cheaper in this area.
    • Wear comfortable shoes when you’re exploring the strip or Freemont
    • Be aware some bars and restaurants on the strip charge a CNF tax, it’s a concession and food tax for places on resort properties. Places that have that charge are typically on Caesars Properties.
    • Wear sunscreen and light clothing
    • When wearing heels to the clubs pack a pair of flats or roll ups: you be asked to leave a club if you take your shoes off. Vegas clubs are all about vanity.
    • Put yourself on a spend limit if you plan on gambling.
    • Buy a case of water for your hotel room and stay away from the mini bar fridge. A case of water is cheaper than a $20 20oz bottle of Fiji in the room. And dont drink the water from the tap its not good, tastes bad, and makes you thirstier.
    • Stay hydrated because dehydration is very serious.
    • Use sites like groupon to buy last min tours and activities, sometimes there are booths on the strip that offer discounted tours.
    • Do not buy water from people on the street!
    • Try to do something different each day.

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