Where To Eat and Drink In Myrtle Beach

Best thing to eat in a beach town is seafood, hands down! Its the freshest, its like the fishermen comes back to shore and load up the restaurants with their catch of the day…. well maybe I’m exaggerating but it sounds good. Every restaurant I ate at I had to order their seafood, it only sounds like the right thing to do. Check out the dishes I ate and where to get them from.

Captain George’s Seafood Buffet,
photo credit: Porshia Bryant

Captain George’s Seafood Buffet was the first restaurant we stopped at. It was conveniently located close to our villa and right across from Broadway at the Beach. We got there at a very decent time, around 3pm, and kinda beat the dinner rush so it wasn’t too crowded. They had a very good selection of seafood options and the crab legs were included in the price of the buffet, $36.99. For a buffet everything was full of flavor and still steaming. My favorite part about this buffet was even though the crablegs didn’t have “Old Bay” seasoning, they still were delicious. “old Bay” was available upon request to the server. And speaking of service, our server was absolutely amazing and kept the table manicured and crab bucket empty. She made sure to explain the flow of the buffet and some items and dessert to try, such as Flan and Baklava. Other items I enjoyed were the teriyaki salmon, She Crab Soup, stuffed clams, and mushrooms. Towards the end of dinner, our server made sure to tell us about places to hangout and things to see and do at night. Before leaving we received a free photo post card during your visit, but we were up-sold on other print options. In all this place gets two thumbs up!

Señor Frog’s was the next stop and it definitely kicked off the party. Located in the Broadway at the Beach plaza, made it easy to walk around from stores or bar hop. After a heavy lunch from the buffet we were only here for the drinks. We both drank 2, 18oz drinks each and had a couple of shots. The atmosphere of Señor Frog’s was very festive with DJ and Crowd interaction. There were people making ballon animals and hats, Congo lines, employee performances’, and games. Drinks were strong and good and there were different size options and souvenir cups. My favorite thing about the bar besides the drinks, were the bar stools. They looked like butts with different themes, it was the funniest and cutest thing I ever saw.

Dirty Don’s was the place we stopped in after walking the boardwalk on the beach. We stumbled in an hour before closing and saw they had seafood, they remind you of a local place that sells hot wings but sells seafood instead. It was almost like a hole in the wall. We were super hungry and needed food to soak up the alcohol but we actually drank more.We sat at the bar and ordered a pitcher of margarita which was strong and refreshing and came with a free “Dirty Don’s” t-shirt. We made friends with the bartender who in turn made sure we left a little happier than when we walked in. As far as food, we decided to share Oysters Rockefeller, Coconut Shrimp, and Seafood Nachos. The bacon on top of the oysters tasted like they were made in house and added the right amount of saltiness to the oysters. The coconut shrimp were so delicious and had the actual flavor of coconut in each bite, the flavors definitely complemented each other. Seafood nachos were good but missing something, but still good. During our dining experience we met a very nice couple who were on date night from Wilmington, SC. They kept us entertained while we were eating at the bar. The price point was reasonable, after sharing a pitcher of margarita and a few apps, our bill came up close to $60 before tip. I definitely will visit this place again the next time I’m in MB.

The next day we were craving sushi and remembered we saw a place advertising lunch specials on Saturdays and decided to head back to Broadway at the Beach. King Kong Sushi was the name and seemed to be new. We sat at the bar and waited a while for service until we found out they were out of a bartender and a server was happy to help. She was able to walk us through the menu and make some suggestions, also loved how their menu had pictures for all of their specialty rolls. We ordered the calamari and bulgogi lettuce wraps for starters. For the entree we both ordered the letter D, which includes a specialty roll, maki roll, soup, and salad. We really got a lot of food for the price and everything was very satisfying to the palate.

Later that night we looked for a bar on the beach after the storm had cleared and discovered Beach House bar and Grill, which happened to be right across the street from RipTydz Bar & Grill. When I tell y’all we had a good damn time at this place. They had a jamming DJ that actually played music and not snippets. The fishbowl drink we ordered, “Last Day in Myrtle” was sweet, fruity and tasted like I was watching the sunset on a tropical island. For $32, this drink was worth every penny. We also ordered cheese sticks to make sure we didn’t get too drunk. While the DJ was jamming we enjoyed watching people on the dance floor as well as watch a boxing match on the personal television mounted in our booth. They close at 2am and a good place if you’re looking to vibe out with music, drinks, and sports.

The day of departure we decided we would go back to RipTydz for lunch. We had went to Riptydz the day before but a storm came and our meter was running so we decided after our drinks to spend the rest of the afternoon at Dave and Busters. I will say they had a good beach themed menu with salads, seafood, burgers, and sandwiches. Since we were getting back on the road after leaving this place we decided to get food that will sustain us. For starters, we had the garlic parmesan oysters and crab cake piccata, and for main course I chose the Hawaii 5-O sandwich with fries and Porshia went with the Philly and homemade Kettle Chips, and we had sweet tea to accompany. The Hawaii 5-O had a chicken breast with provolone cheese, teriyaki sauce, grilled pineapple, lettuce and tomato. This was a light but filling sandwich, like the flavors weren’t over powering.

I highly recommend all these restaurants for drinks and food and can’t wait to go back and try them again.

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