Hiking Kennesaw Mountain: An Exhilarating Experience

I recently hiked Kennesaw Mountain with my girlfriend for the first time. I had never hiked any mountain for that matter not even Stone Mountain. My girlfriend had suggested the idea knowing that I loved being outdoors and enjoying nature.

It was an early morning excursion, we parked the car and started to walk towards the Kennesaw Mountain Park to get to the trail. The closer we got to the starting point, I could feel the excitement. We finally make it to the the trail and looking ahead I could see how the inclined progressed and how the terrain became more rugged from the rocks. I started to have doubts like “Will I make it?”….

With Porshia, my girlfriend, by my side I felt comforted knowing I wasn’t alone on this journey to the top. I started my hike strong, avoiding stepping on sharp rocks and pacing my breathing. I was pushing myself to make it to the top however I could see that when I turned around my love wasn’t behind me, she had stopped to catch her breath as the altitude slightly increased it was making it a strenuous to get up the mountain. I stopped to wait for her and we continued to stride together until I needed to catch my breath on another incline. Pacing each other and encouraging one another to keep going but take our time.

We stopped right before reaching the top to take in the views and it was amazing to see the city of Marietta and Kennesaw from the views of the mountain. I took pictures and silently meditated on gratitude for the nature and the ability to make the hike. We then gathered ourselves and made our way back in the climb up. And a few moments later we arrive at the top to enjoy the views.

Lessons learned during this hike were about life and facing challenges. All too often we want to get to the top and be successful but we forget that we have to face challenges and overcome obstacles in order to reach that goal of making it to the top. How many times have we thought about giving up because we ran into a challenge that we couldn’t see ourselves get through? This hike with my girlfriend showed that when we’re going through a rough time, it helps to have support to encourage and push us to keep going. Looking back at when we made it to the top, I was thankful of the rugged terrain because it made me step out of my comfort zone to push through. It also made me stronger and confident that no matter what struggles I’ve been through I will make it through.

In anytime you feel like giving up just remember this is just a test for you to get to the next level.

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