Life In Nashville…

Yes you read the header correctly! I moved to Nashville aka Music City back in Oct 2019, so I’ve only been here for a couple of months. My job moved me here and it has been a major adjustment. The weather is so strange, it rains a lot and snow flurries here and there. The drivers and traffic is ridiculous because they’re in that stage of growing and the city cant keep up, trust me I’m from Atlanta and I know what that looks like, but its congested with construction and car accidents.

Other than those cons, Nashville has some pretty great things about the city. They have a lot of bars and restaurants, and up and coming neighborhoods. When it doesn’t rain and the weather is fair the mountain scenery can be beautiful. The river front views can be amazing at the right bar. Nashville is the home of the CMAs and bachelorette parties. There’s live music and Hot Chicken EVERYWHERE!!! Street art is taking off and they have a wine and art walk every First Saturday of the month.

A few of my favorite places I’ve visited since I’ve been here:

  • City Winery Nashville – amazing food and wine, they have the best brussel sprouts and my favorite dish is the seasonal farro
  • Losers in Downtown Nashville off broadway
  • Avo – A plant based restaurant, not recommended if you have a nut allergy! I love the frozen avocado margarita, and the kimchi spring rolls
  • Whiskey Kitchen – located in the Gulch, they have two-for-one well drinks on Tuesday. They have a nice app and shared plate menu
  • The Diner- midtwon open 24 hours, its multilevel and bar stops serving at 3am and re-opens at 4am.
  • Taco Mamacita – best vegetarian tacos and great drinks
  • Old Glory – nice intimate bar, great music and drink, dark atmosphere
  • Broadway- honky tonk bars with live music

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