My Thoughts…

Let’s face it things have totally changed around the world and its going to be awhile until life as we know it returns to normal.

So what does that mean for The Travelling Southern Belle? Well back in the beginning of March, I had already quit my job and was spending time in Atlanta right before a tornado devastated the North and East Nashville area. Shortly after the tornado hit, I returned back to Nashville and packed everything and moved back to Atlanta. I liked Nashville but was miserable and over worked and my job. I had honestly started to hate it and then an incident happened where I had reached my breaking point. But that story is fully explained on my youtube channel.

I Quit My JOb
I moved back to Atlanta

Now a week into me moving back to Atlanta officially, there had been a declaration of a Pandemic of Covid-19 and businesses started to temporarily close after business declines and the nation started to enforce social distancing guidelines. I mean things were moving fast along with the spread of the virus and it started to hit home for a lot of people I knew.

GA now has a state of emergency that will possibly end in May and we’re currently under a shelter in place that is supposed to end today or maybe the 30th, who knows.

However, I have been taking advantage of this time by journaling, meditating and reading. Instead of complaining out being in the house and spending frivolously it was wiser to invest in getting my chakras aligned and working through some spiritual turmoil.

And honestly this has been the most peaceful the world has been. Yes we are ready to leave our homes and very grateful to the essential workers, but what have you done that was beneficial to yourself while home? Its never too late to take the journey within if you cannot enjoy socializing. Eventually we will get our old routines back and return to work but for now lets remain positive and send out those vibes while people are struggling with the loss of their loved ones.

Peace and Blessings

The Travelling Southern Belle

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