Where To Eat and Drink In Myrtle Beach

Best thing to eat in a beach town is seafood, hands down! Its the freshest, its like the fishermen comes back to shore and load up the restaurants with their catch of the day.... well maybe I'm exaggerating but it sounds good. Every restaurant I ate at I had to order their seafood, it only sounds like the right thing to do. Check out the dishes I ate and where to get them from.

Tips For Visiting Las Vegas

Planning a trip to Las Vegas??? Dont know what to do when you get there? Where are you staying, what airline are you using?

Theres so much to do in Las Vegas and its a city that caters to everyone's budget.

This post is a list of things we did and how we did it.


So back in December, my girlfriend and I went to Miami to celebrate my birthday! We had a blast. It was her first time in Miami and my third. It was a perfect idea to be close to the beach enjoying warm weather. I knew I loved visiting Wynwood the last time I came and... Continue Reading →

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