Where To Eat and Drink In Myrtle Beach

Best thing to eat in a beach town is seafood, hands down! Its the freshest, its like the fishermen comes back to shore and load up the restaurants with their catch of the day.... well maybe I'm exaggerating but it sounds good. Every restaurant I ate at I had to order their seafood, it only sounds like the right thing to do. Check out the dishes I ate and where to get them from.

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Birthday Surprise in Las Vegas

I recently went to Las Vegas (June 20-23) to celebrate my girlfriend's 30th birthday. This was not our first time experiencing Las Vegas but it was our first time going together.We planned this trip for at least six months because this was a big celebration, "Dirty 30!" We wanted to do everything that The Sin City had to offer! I also wanted to make this trip the most memorable for my girlfriend, Porshia. So I decided to invite our friends to come along but it would be a surprise. 

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Wanderlust Anxiety

You ever visited a place and suddenly wanted to move there? I get that feeling for every place I've been to... I've said several times "I can picture myself living here". Now I'm restless in the sense of being in the same state my whole life... Georgia. Home sweet home but I'm craving more! I've... Continue Reading →

Tips For Visiting Las Vegas

Planning a trip to Las Vegas??? Dont know what to do when you get there? Where are you staying, what airline are you using?

Theres so much to do in Las Vegas and its a city that caters to everyone's budget.

This post is a list of things we did and how we did it.

Wynwood: Miami’s Art District

Art comes in all forms and mediums, whether its print, abstract, sculpture, street art, etc. My favorite form of art happens to be street art; the skill of using spray paint to create a picture or message. Wynwood is an area in Miami that is dedicated to street art, where everything is a canvas! If... Continue Reading →

Atlanta Trap Music Museum

The Trap Music Museum in Atlanta is a must visit if you haven't already been! A concept created by rapper, TI, to highlight the style of rap music. Atlanta of course was the staple of snap music but really is a big part of Trap music. Not only does he pay homage to himself and... Continue Reading →

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