Wanderlust Anxiety

You ever visited a place and suddenly wanted to move there? I get that feeling for every place I've been to... I've said several times "I can picture myself living here". Now I'm restless in the sense of being in the same state my whole life... Georgia. Home sweet home but I'm craving more! I've... Continue Reading →

The Porshia’s

So how did this come about cause we get this question a lot. And yes we have the same name and it's spelled the same way! My girlfriend and I have been best friends for YEARS before we even thought about a relationship or dating for that matter.... after going through a situationship that I... Continue Reading →

A journey of wanderlust

Wynwood Miami 12/2018 I have had this burning urge to want to drop everything just to see what the world has to offer me. Im obsessed with spontaneous travel, whether by train, plane, car or bus. I don't care where or when but my wealth shall come from my experiences. I left restaurant management to... Continue Reading →

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